Life in the lockdown with so many lessons.

I think about the days where we have been in lockdown like for Five weeks , Two days, 17 hours, not that I used to keep on counting. 😂

Firstly, I was very much happy to hear that there’s gonna be lock down in our nation .I was so happy that we don’t have to go to the colleges coz we will be having holidays. I was happy to be in home for one week .I was having amazing time. I learnt cooking , Yes like I used to but I experience something new like baking ,cooking and laying out delicious meals for my family. But after a month again back to the same mode i.e very much bored staying home .I wanted to see my friends ,I wanted late night parties , Traveling but though I couldn’t .To make my days interesting I planted so much of green plants in lockdown and I am happy to see them growing. Planting is the most easiest way where we can easily spend our time .Gardening really helps to keep us busy ,You also try it 🤭

By the time One months passed away, I had a permanent headache ,I was stressed with constant migraines , short tempered ,many more other feelings.

Goods things that happened-

○We all were so busy during school /college life where lockdown was the best time I have ever spent with my family .

○I was super productive .It was easy and almost like a break from the rest of the work .I was working out online, I was doing yoga and that was quite fun.

○I got holiday I didn’t care what was happening in the world slowly I came to know much more and I was literally feeling bad about how peoples are fighting against coronavirus just in every part of the world .

○People loosing jobs, seeing salary cuts ,facing monetary problems ,health issues and much more but all we could do was have patience and Faith to get the things normal like before.

○We have enough to live a good life so we all should count our blessings this pandemic has taught me this.we should be grateful for what we have.

Isn’t it? think about yourself.

One day I was just scrolling down to my Facebook where I saw post which made me realise that we should count our blessings .

○The first one- The post I saw was million of migrant workers suffered ,they had no food, no money, no roof over their heads. I can’t even understand how it feels when someone is in that state.

Migrant workers

○At the same time the second one-People are comfortable at their home with everything stocked up, participating in dalgona coffee challenge ,various dishes and what not?

Dalgona coffee challenge

○And the third one which is my favourite one , The happiest photo I saw ever with the caption the” world is healing and we are the virus” You know what was that in the picture ? The photo of India gate which was healing which was very clean than before.

World is healing and we are the virus.

There’s a quotes saying “Time teaches everyone a lesson ” well coronavirus is the best example. we should be grateful for what we have .We shouldn’t be the virus .
Showing gratitude to Food suppliers, health care workers, delivery people, and first responders have taken on risks to themselves for the benefit of everyone else.We can show more gratitude for all of the people and things that make our life easier and happier. Showing gratitude not only feels good, it encourages more kindness and generosity in both gratitude recipients and anyone who witnesses the expression of gratitude, creating a virtuous cycle. we celebrated every single moment gifted, we learned how precious our lives are and how truly blessed we are to be alive.The beauty of nature that we all got to enjoy during this we should take care of the world which has given us everything to live on and always be grateful and count your blessings.💙

Take care ,stay safe. Untill vaccinated 🙏. Doh gajh ki doori mask hai jaroori.✌️

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I am grateful for all that I have felt 💙

It was around 8 a.m. in the morning. Though I just woke up but I was feeling very tired early in the morning ,I was feeling like my heart wasn’t be beating out of my chest for all of the wrong reasons .I was feeling broken, I had no courage to hold the pieces of my pain together and You know what! That was the most and most hardest part of my life where I was trying to convince myself saying that everything happens for a reason but though I was feeling like someone has set my heart on fire in a certain way .

It’s okay to feel bad

Okay so this is the chapter I write .
love that didn’t healed me but it hurts me every moment. I try to escape and come back to reality but every time I couldn’t .I too don’t even know what I am writing right now.I am finding a way to escape but the thing is I don’t find escape anywhere not in my diary, not in any YouTube videos ,not even in WeTV .why is it so? Is it really that hard to escape from someone? I didn’t knew that where I used to search for the connection and happy moments now I am searching to escape, escape from my fantasy world.

You really made me question like were you worthy of being loved? So strange seems like I am not in the world where I was living yesterday, where I used to cook my breakfast with your favorite song of appurva’s.
Did you build me or did you break me? what did you did ?Maybe I forgot myself when I was so busy loving you, I forgot to love myself but I am fine now, I am finding love within myself .

Nights have become so beautiful !
Yah beautiful! You know why because I found you everytime with me and my memories and nights stay burned beneath my eyelids and our memories just dance underneath my skin ,So isn’t it beautiful??

Honestly yea the world is still the same but you have changed but I wish you all the best. I wish you all the happiness that you deserve .I know that I was sometimes a bad person and sometimes I was the one to make mistakes and important one sometimes we have to let go. And Now I am finding comfort in being alone .I know it’s hard it really breaks me down but I’m going to survive it and I will always. Accepting the reality accepting that endings don’t have to be messy .I’m grateful for all that have felt.
Hope to See you someday , somewhere under the same sky🤗

#whoyouare #behopeful

Look at you!

You take care of your body
You try to strengthen your mind
You try to exercise your soul
You tackle with your problems
You live each and every moment
You try to relax your mind and soul
You enjoy the things as they are
You are unafraid to be Happy
You believe happiness is from within
You believe in you
You are amazing in your own way
Look at you!



You know I always used to ask you a question- Is our relationship worth saving ?? These days are giving me so much of answers like Yes,No ,Yes,No! Not officially ended, so and so. Or May be our relationship was not that strong that we both didn’t will to understand our mistakes and forgive each other and sometimes I think May be we aren’t meant to be together. May be fate had other plans. sometimes I feel like we are far away but not Separated but again I think May be I am wrong so I am searching for new things but why you live in every words of mine .Was I wrong ?I used to wander the days we both started talking .Is it vain? Is it vain to wander?

Is it vain to save our relationships?

I’m not a writer nor a poet but you can relate it right ?how can someone be so unfaithful .Is it because you don’t belong to me?I am wrong ? I am wrong that I feel so empty without you like the sky without the stars .Really ??nothing matters anymore? I’m very much tired ,Tired of everything Like, sometimes I get the feeling like the world had drained me for everything I had .Is it vain?? Love, compromises sacrifices, togetherness ?Whom you’ll blame or To whom should I blame? The love I long for is exactly that I found in you.

Don’t get emotional now.
At one point my heart ache for you But no Vandu stop being stupid.
Behind the shadows it’s something that may never be spoken of, lost in depths of every outburst, every breakdown and every sleepless night.
Come on! tomorrow will be the best.🤗✌️

For so long I felt lost wandering -I am easily forgotten?? But let me remind you that you will be forgotten for sure but your love with so loving memories will never be forgotten as it was all what I needed.I recall our memories in my head like replaying the videos over and over again until my tears turns to joy. Nothing isn’t lost-Trust , Loyalty,Love, respect. Saying it’s all over again can’t change my feelings .You might think that I’m selfish but no I’m not selfish ,I’m just being selfless in love.I used to feel like our tie is beyond the legacy of give and take .Was I wrong ?I really don’t need another layer of story in my life .I don’t want to forget the version of my story with you. And it’s okay if you aren’t with me Coz I have nothing to do with. I can’t force you to stay ,I have no idea how will my days go on .I’m letting you go, I miss you and I can’t help myself. I hope you find your girl like you always wanted she would be. I hope you truly take the time to figure out what makes you. I hope you find the kind of love that believes in you ,supports you and who always stays by your side .Letting you go is very difficult but sometimes circumstances gets in the way and no matter how much love is there ,we have to lay down .I pray you find the love that makes you fall in love with you- yourself.

Okay Done!
One last thing.
I forgive you😊

With love -Vandu

#youbehopeful #vandanachettri

Dear Crush❤️

Let me be the person for your reasons of causing butterflies in your stomach. The person to make you feel kind on late nights under the sky. Let me be the person to grow old in love together and the one who takes time to remember how you like your coffee in the morning . The person to hold you little tighter when the world tries to soften you .Let me be the person who pays attention ,who reaches for your hand when you are having a nightmare. The person who cares enough to see you.

Let me be yours ❤️

Let me be the person who is proud to have you ,The one who inspires you to be a better person and make you believe in your goodness. Let me be the person who will support you in each way possible making your dreams my own. Let me be the person to choose you and love you passionately in every single way. The person to build your restless heart a safe space within my own.

Let me be the person to fill your life with wonder and the kind of hope that spills out to you. The person who will care, love, scold,fight but stay together .Let me be the person who wants to hear your laugh ,make breakfast with you and listen to all your dumb jokes for all my years.

Let me be the person who is going to be your person for the rest of your life .The person who will accept you and your wilderness. The person who will always need you no matter how much of fights and arguments come between. Let be the person whose feelings for you will always remain constant. The person to make realize that you’re aren’t meant to walk this path alone.

#youbehopeful #vandanachettri


Cartoons ,All is miss is my childhood 🤗

How many of you feel like getting back to your childhood?Do you miss it? Wanna play with no worries? Don’t you love that moments watching cartoons?

I somewhere grew up and have surrounded us with thoughts of career , responsibilities, life but though I haven’t stopped watching cartoons .I haven’t forgot that cartoons have taught me so many things Like-

First one is being happy and live a calm life .
Second one every problems has a solution.
Third one is helping people who are in problems.
Fourth one realizing what’s wrong and what’s right.
Fifth one is bad deed never succeds .
Sixth one is Truth never fails.
Seventh one is Finding happiness in small things.

There are so many cartoons shows which has taught me so much of lessons and fun and made me laugh all day with no worries , Some one of favorite ones are-

1: Tom and Jerry -This show has always been my favorite cartoon show of friendship where Tom and Jerry fights everytime but can’t stay without each other like they are the best friends. All time ,Tom running behind Jerry ,Jerry stealing his favorite cheese 😅 There’s so much of fun 🤣❤️

2-M.r Bean-This show have made me wander why M.r Bean is alone at his home? Where are other family members?where M.r Bean is living his life alone with one Teddy with him all the time .He have taught me to find happiness in small things and live a happy life and also teaches every problems has a solution.

3: Shin chan-I still need hear his voice in my mind ,He is so cute.A wonderful friend where he can’t see his loved ones in trouble and he helps them in all ways possible.

4: Doremon– Hai bara pyara dost hamra???
I always dreamt of having a friend like Doremon who would help me out with all my problems in life. This show is also so much entertaining 😅 Nobita hiding his marksheets ,Jiyans singing is epic 🤣🤣 ,Amara,Hatori, little sizuka and the cute little shishimanu plays a huge role❤️

5:Oggy and the cockroaches-The cartoon show which has voice of my favorite actors from Bollywood where, the cockroaches are so much clever and always brings Oggy in troubles.

6:Mickey Mouse -I still can remember I used to dance seeing them dance ,I must say you must try hot dance again🤣 Popeye-still Dream of sailing ship at least once😅

There so many another cartoons like its so much fun to watch so I still love watching cartoons.I still watch these cartoons whenever I get upset or tired of something .Try this and watch your favorite cartoons with no worries 😉

#youbehopeful #vandanachettri

The spark of life is common in all.

We all are living in this Earth but we don’t know till when because life is very uncertain.I don’t know I’m writing today tomorrow I may not be there to write .who knows?? You are reading this tomorrow you may not be there.who knows?? As life in me is life everywhere . The whole universe may be whether its a Plant,Animal or human , All of our life will be removed from us and we will be wiped out of this universe. All of us are functioning because we are alive ,Right ?? because The dead me will no more write .The dead plant will know no more give us oxygen, The dead you will know more be reading .The dead dog cannot bark .Think! Isn’t it right so life in me is life everywhere .once the life is gone we have no more existance.we all know that we are alive ,Yes! You too know that you are alive,isn’t it . Everyone knows , There’s no one who has a doubt whether he or she is living or not.But the question is what is life? Everybody knows they are alive but they don’t know what is life ?some even says Love is life, some says heath is life,some even says money is life, some says life is wonderful because he or she is happy with their partner. some says life is miserable because they are facing problems in there life .
Isn’t this all funny ! Is this the perfect State of life. we all are saying about of what life has given us. so what is life ?Yes! You what is life ??

What is life?

we all know it is with us but we don’t know what it is . Life is something which has no meaning . Life is to live. one day something will be gone and we won’t exist, what is that ?A life. Whoever we are rich or poor genius or an idiot, we all will be wiped out one day .we all are alive at this moment and there is no human being who is not conscious that they are alive.Life in the whole world Express itself through emotions :love ,hate, jealousy, greed ,passion, intelligence and many more endless varieties .Its all about body, mind and intellect.All through life from birth to death ,every moment we are experiencing whether it’s happiness or unhappiness, ups and downs but no matter what everyone is searching or seeking happiness. Everyone one wants permanent happiness where nothing is permanent in this temporary world ,not me,not even our parents,nor our business ,our money nor you nor our partner . Nothing is permanent not even our choices, love, hate , beliefs and what not!Everything changes and the perfect example is You.See yourself! Are you the same person you were ten years before. Are your choices still the same . Even the choice of your music ,is it still the same?? life is something like a sport ,we cannot expect anything there. Like we don’t know who’s going to win or lose simply like the life we don’t know till when we are alive.We get no trophies while playing a game like we get no appreciation when we are alive. We get trophies only after the game is over like when someone dies everybody appreciates them.What a man he was! So kind hearted,so good and so whatever.

Life in me is a life everywhere. we exactly don’t know what is life because we know only know the expressions of life . life is something which has no meaning. life is to live where nothing is permanent in this temporary world. Like the whole world is divine a life in me is life everywhere.


Comfortable in what makes us happy 😇

Relationships that makes you feel Like-Yes!I am in love ❤️


May be it changes us to something we aren’t, may be it’s like getting of many tiny chances every day to make emotional bond relationship to grow and strengthen the bond of trust and love you have with your soulmate. May that’s the way and surprisingly powerful goals of relationship.. And may be one of you feel an emotional connection to you that he/she never felt before.May be it’s like one of you wishing your partner would put”FIGHT” for you?being with you and build up the relationship,doing anything to make him/her happy.May be he/she starts to see you as their top priority and put his/her heart and soul into showing them how much she/he mean to them. One of you looking of surprise and joy on their face when they yet again swept you off on feet with a romantic gestur

Lets us never complain I don’t need your luxury watch or car but I need you ,your behavior and who you are as a person. I don’t care if you don’t propose me with the diamond ring. I will be ok if you can afford me dinner at some fancy restaurant. I don’t want you to take me to 5star hotels, I just want you to give some respect love and care. I don’t care if you are someone who was blessed with the short height or a tall height, I just want to to be kind and gentle towards other people as well as me.I will never complain about what you don’t have instead I will try to find success and fulfill all your dreams. No doubt that I love Shopping but don’t worry I will not always ask you buy the things for me coz I know that materialistic things can never determine the love in the relationship .Baby i don’t care if you earn less or more ,I will be happy in what we have. I won’t judge you .I will just see your love ,I wont date you for your hair, height ,body or your charm but for your behavior and the love you’ll have for me. I won’t mind going for the dinner at a small restaurants spending some quality time which would make us happy I won’t care or focus on the exterior but on positive qualities. As long as you be with me and are truly in love with me I won’t care about anything else other than your love and happiness💞✌️

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Loving these Monsoon

This year 2020. I.e pandemic +lockdown =nothing function ,no late night parties,no favorite dishes ,nowhere to go and since March .

I’m actually glad but quite bored and I miss those fun me and my friend Priya together use to enjoy those moments but I appreciate this monsoon season for the first time because of pandemic and lockdown since we don’t have to commute for us that was so irritating walking on rainy morning going and coming back from college. I’m finally happy at the fact that everything outside is wet and I’m inside and now I sit by the window all day and enjoy the fresh air without worry about getting soaked.I have my absolute favorite thing about this Monsoon is that feeling and the time when me and my friend Priya Standing at the cafe near metro having a hot cup of tea ☕ .A cup of tea was not just a cup of tea but a love that refreshed our weary head and that’s all the therapy we need! A cup of tea shared with her is the best happiness I can experience. . It’s was like our daily routine that we go to the same place almost every week for a cup of tea / coffee! And we not just drink tea or coffee, we do laugh and share our happy and not so happy days together. Oh it’s just too much fun when we both hang out .Yes I am sad that we won’t be able to do that or have those moments as earlier now but the good part is also there that is this year gets endless
cups of homemade tea and also sitting by window and eating or hot bowl of Maggie is blissfull. Stepping out during the vains with umbrella was a different fun but though we used to wish for the winters to come back soon. Yes ,Now frustrating it is !But this year there is nothing since we have nowhere to go.
Monsoons !Do you guys love monsoon.
Me: Literally No, because of so many problems like rains and nice clothes do not mix 😅and that is a fact .Running a pair of flats ,we had to think about what shoes or sandles we’ll end up running our favorite pair😔don’t want to think what use to happen to my hair& clothes 😅

so I am glad that I am at home this time. Appreciation for these monsoon that I have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

#youbehopeful #vandanachettri

She is a human . She is a women ,hear her roar

Hear her roar

She is a women ,hear her roar. Why only women?why not men’s? This is a question to everyone reading this .Why ?Why only women? Why is she thought she is just a women.A women is exactly born but why are women’s are not accepted same as men. Even today in some places a girl child is supposed to be burden on parents where they are married to unknown person without asking their choice. why all womens can’t have the right to choose their own partner. why only women is always sacrificing and somewhere else sacrificing in women’s life is always being constant. She is a women , hear her roar. Wow look at our incredible India women who are worshipped as goddesses and in other hand they are shamed in multiple ways ,they face so many problems -Gender inequality , Domestic violence, Sacrifices ,Women abuse,Rape and what not but womens are still strong in every situation but we all forget the role of women in our lives. They are strong but why ? Why still they have to face so many problems since their birth. She is a mother,sister ,wife , daughter,she is a women ,hear her roar. She is a girl who faces mensuration in her young age,she is girl who faces cramps ,the over bleeding. she is a women who makes herself strong because she has no option than to bear it .Why only empower womens why not men? She is women facing mental breakdown at puberty,Career ,relatives , family pressure and may be love affairs and also the pain of carrying a baby for 9months. She is a women having lifetime responsibility which cannot be ignored .why only empowerment of women is necessity for the very development of society why not society development by their own but now some of the things have changed, You know what?? THE WORLD,THE MODERN WORLD WITH MODERN ISSUES. Why we need to keep speaking upon the behalf of every women’s rights to be heard. Untill when ??Yes! Until when? Why still women lack equal access opportunity. Now a women is educated , marries whom she want, has become much more in dependent than before .she is human, she is the CEO of her home but the CEO is just being a women and still is not free to line. This cruel world still thinks she’s just a women and can’t be more than a wife. A life where she is not asked for herr body to get a job. She is a women ,hear her roar . Why is she always hurt , Yesterday she gets raped ,Today she got raped , Tommorow who else she is going to get raped ,Who knows ?? It’s might be us ,It might be you .Rape has become a fastest rising crime. we want a death penalty to all the rapist 🙏 untill when we will be sharing all this post writing #RIP #Justice #sayno to rape ,Let’s start #Deathpenalty to all the rapist 🙏

A simple life with basic rights is all women wants. She is a human ,She has a life same as me ,She is a women ,hear her roar 🙏

#womenslife #womenroar #womenequility

#youbehopeful #vandanachettri

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