Hear her roar

She is a women ,hear her roar. Why only women?why not men’s? This is a question to everyone reading this .Why ?Why only women? Why is she thought she is just a women.A women is exactly born but why are women’s are not accepted same as men. Even today in some places a girl child is supposed to be burden on parents where they are married to unknown person without asking their choice. why all womens can’t have the right to choose their own partner. why only women is always sacrificing and somewhere else sacrificing in women’s life is always being constant. She is a women , hear her roar. Wow look at our incredible India women who are worshipped as goddesses and in other hand they are shamed in multiple ways ,they face so many problems -Gender inequality , Domestic violence, Sacrifices ,Women abuse,Rape and what not but womens are still strong in every situation but we all forget the role of women in our lives. They are strong but why ? Why still they have to face so many problems since their birth. She is a mother,sister ,wife , daughter,she is a women ,hear her roar. She is a girl who faces mensuration in her young age,she is girl who faces cramps ,the over bleeding. she is a women who makes herself strong because she has no option than to bear it .Why only empower womens why not men? She is women facing mental breakdown at puberty,Career ,relatives , family pressure and may be love affairs and also the pain of carrying a baby for 9months. She is a women having lifetime responsibility which cannot be ignored .why only empowerment of women is necessity for the very development of society why not society development by their own but now some of the things have changed, You know what?? THE WORLD,THE MODERN WORLD WITH MODERN ISSUES. Why we need to keep speaking upon the behalf of every women’s rights to be heard. Untill when ??Yes! Until when? Why still women lack equal access opportunity. Now a women is educated , marries whom she want, has become much more in dependent than before .she is human, she is the CEO of her home but the CEO is just being a women and still is not free to line. This cruel world still thinks she’s just a women and can’t be more than a wife. A life where she is not asked for herr body to get a job. She is a women ,hear her roar . Why is she always hurt , Yesterday she gets raped ,Today she got raped , Tommorow who else she is going to get raped ,Who knows ?? It’s might be us ,It might be you .Rape has become a fastest rising crime. we want a death penalty to all the rapist 🙏 untill when we will be sharing all this post writing #RIP #Justice #sayno to rape ,Let’s start #Deathpenalty to all the rapist 🙏

A simple life with basic rights is all women wants. She is a human ,She has a life same as me ,She is a women ,hear her roar 🙏

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