This year 2020. I.e pandemic +lockdown =nothing function ,no late night parties,no favorite dishes ,nowhere to go and since March .

I’m actually glad but quite bored and I miss those fun me and my friend Priya together use to enjoy those moments but I appreciate this monsoon season for the first time because of pandemic and lockdown since we don’t have to commute for us that was so irritating walking on rainy morning going and coming back from college. I’m finally happy at the fact that everything outside is wet and I’m inside and now I sit by the window all day and enjoy the fresh air without worry about getting soaked.I have my absolute favorite thing about this Monsoon is that feeling and the time when me and my friend Priya Standing at the cafe near metro having a hot cup of tea ☕ .A cup of tea was not just a cup of tea but a love that refreshed our weary head and that’s all the therapy we need! A cup of tea shared with her is the best happiness I can experience. . It’s was like our daily routine that we go to the same place almost every week for a cup of tea / coffee! And we not just drink tea or coffee, we do laugh and share our happy and not so happy days together. Oh it’s just too much fun when we both hang out .Yes I am sad that we won’t be able to do that or have those moments as earlier now but the good part is also there that is this year gets endless
cups of homemade tea and also sitting by window and eating or hot bowl of Maggie is blissfull. Stepping out during the vains with umbrella was a different fun but though we used to wish for the winters to come back soon. Yes ,Now frustrating it is !But this year there is nothing since we have nowhere to go.
Monsoons !Do you guys love monsoon.
Me: Literally No, because of so many problems like rains and nice clothes do not mix 😅and that is a fact .Running a pair of flats ,we had to think about what shoes or sandles we’ll end up running our favorite pair😔don’t want to think what use to happen to my hair& clothes 😅

so I am glad that I am at home this time. Appreciation for these monsoon that I have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

#youbehopeful #vandanachettri