Relationships that makes you feel Like-Yes!I am in love ❤️


May be it changes us to something we aren’t, may be it’s like getting of many tiny chances every day to make emotional bond relationship to grow and strengthen the bond of trust and love you have with your soulmate. May that’s the way and surprisingly powerful goals of relationship.. And may be one of you feel an emotional connection to you that he/she never felt before.May be it’s like one of you wishing your partner would put”FIGHT” for you?being with you and build up the relationship,doing anything to make him/her happy.May be he/she starts to see you as their top priority and put his/her heart and soul into showing them how much she/he mean to them. One of you looking of surprise and joy on their face when they yet again swept you off on feet with a romantic gestur

Lets us never complain I don’t need your luxury watch or car but I need you ,your behavior and who you are as a person. I don’t care if you don’t propose me with the diamond ring. I will be ok if you can afford me dinner at some fancy restaurant. I don’t want you to take me to 5star hotels, I just want you to give some respect love and care. I don’t care if you are someone who was blessed with the short height or a tall height, I just want to to be kind and gentle towards other people as well as me.I will never complain about what you don’t have instead I will try to find success and fulfill all your dreams. No doubt that I love Shopping but don’t worry I will not always ask you buy the things for me coz I know that materialistic things can never determine the love in the relationship .Baby i don’t care if you earn less or more ,I will be happy in what we have. I won’t judge you .I will just see your love ,I wont date you for your hair, height ,body or your charm but for your behavior and the love you’ll have for me. I won’t mind going for the dinner at a small restaurants spending some quality time which would make us happy I won’t care or focus on the exterior but on positive qualities. As long as you be with me and are truly in love with me I won’t care about anything else other than your love and happiness💞✌️

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