We all are living in this Earth but we don’t know till when because life is very uncertain.I don’t know I’m writing today tomorrow I may not be there to write .who knows?? You are reading this tomorrow you may not be there.who knows?? As life in me is life everywhere . The whole universe may be whether its a Plant,Animal or human , All of our life will be removed from us and we will be wiped out of this universe. All of us are functioning because we are alive ,Right ?? because The dead me will no more write .The dead plant will know no more give us oxygen, The dead you will know more be reading .The dead dog cannot bark .Think! Isn’t it right so life in me is life everywhere .once the life is gone we have no more existance.we all know that we are alive ,Yes! You too know that you are alive,isn’t it . Everyone knows , There’s no one who has a doubt whether he or she is living or not.But the question is what is life? Everybody knows they are alive but they don’t know what is life ?some even says Love is life, some says heath is life,some even says money is life, some says life is wonderful because he or she is happy with their partner. some says life is miserable because they are facing problems in there life .
Isn’t this all funny ! Is this the perfect State of life. we all are saying about of what life has given us. so what is life ?Yes! You what is life ??

What is life?

we all know it is with us but we don’t know what it is . Life is something which has no meaning . Life is to live. one day something will be gone and we won’t exist, what is that ?A life. Whoever we are rich or poor genius or an idiot, we all will be wiped out one day .we all are alive at this moment and there is no human being who is not conscious that they are alive.Life in the whole world Express itself through emotions :love ,hate, jealousy, greed ,passion, intelligence and many more endless varieties .Its all about body, mind and intellect.All through life from birth to death ,every moment we are experiencing whether it’s happiness or unhappiness, ups and downs but no matter what everyone is searching or seeking happiness. Everyone one wants permanent happiness where nothing is permanent in this temporary world ,not me,not even our parents,nor our business ,our money nor you nor our partner . Nothing is permanent not even our choices, love, hate , beliefs and what not!Everything changes and the perfect example is You.See yourself! Are you the same person you were ten years before. Are your choices still the same . Even the choice of your music ,is it still the same?? life is something like a sport ,we cannot expect anything there. Like we don’t know who’s going to win or lose simply like the life we don’t know till when we are alive.We get no trophies while playing a game like we get no appreciation when we are alive. We get trophies only after the game is over like when someone dies everybody appreciates them.What a man he was! So kind hearted,so good and so whatever.

Life in me is a life everywhere. we exactly don’t know what is life because we know only know the expressions of life . life is something which has no meaning. life is to live where nothing is permanent in this temporary world. Like the whole world is divine a life in me is life everywhere.