Cartoons ,All is miss is my childhood 🤗

How many of you feel like getting back to your childhood?Do you miss it? Wanna play with no worries? Don’t you love that moments watching cartoons?

I somewhere grew up and have surrounded us with thoughts of career , responsibilities, life but though I haven’t stopped watching cartoons .I haven’t forgot that cartoons have taught me so many things Like-

First one is being happy and live a calm life .
Second one every problems has a solution.
Third one is helping people who are in problems.
Fourth one realizing what’s wrong and what’s right.
Fifth one is bad deed never succeds .
Sixth one is Truth never fails.
Seventh one is Finding happiness in small things.

There are so many cartoons shows which has taught me so much of lessons and fun and made me laugh all day with no worries , Some one of favorite ones are-

1: Tom and Jerry -This show has always been my favorite cartoon show of friendship where Tom and Jerry fights everytime but can’t stay without each other like they are the best friends. All time ,Tom running behind Jerry ,Jerry stealing his favorite cheese 😅 There’s so much of fun 🤣❤️

2-M.r Bean-This show have made me wander why M.r Bean is alone at his home? Where are other family members?where M.r Bean is living his life alone with one Teddy with him all the time .He have taught me to find happiness in small things and live a happy life and also teaches every problems has a solution.

3: Shin chan-I still need hear his voice in my mind ,He is so cute.A wonderful friend where he can’t see his loved ones in trouble and he helps them in all ways possible.

4: Doremon– Hai bara pyara dost hamra???
I always dreamt of having a friend like Doremon who would help me out with all my problems in life. This show is also so much entertaining 😅 Nobita hiding his marksheets ,Jiyans singing is epic 🤣🤣 ,Amara,Hatori, little sizuka and the cute little shishimanu plays a huge role❤️

5:Oggy and the cockroaches-The cartoon show which has voice of my favorite actors from Bollywood where, the cockroaches are so much clever and always brings Oggy in troubles.

6:Mickey Mouse -I still can remember I used to dance seeing them dance ,I must say you must try hot dance again🤣 Popeye-still Dream of sailing ship at least once😅

There so many another cartoons like its so much fun to watch so I still love watching cartoons.I still watch these cartoons whenever I get upset or tired of something .Try this and watch your favorite cartoons with no worries 😉

#youbehopeful #vandanachettri