Let me be the person for your reasons of causing butterflies in your stomach. The person to make you feel kind on late nights under the sky. Let me be the person to grow old in love together and the one who takes time to remember how you like your coffee in the morning . The person to hold you little tighter when the world tries to soften you .Let me be the person who pays attention ,who reaches for your hand when you are having a nightmare. The person who cares enough to see you.

Let me be yours ❤️

Let me be the person who is proud to have you ,The one who inspires you to be a better person and make you believe in your goodness. Let me be the person who will support you in each way possible making your dreams my own. Let me be the person to choose you and love you passionately in every single way. The person to build your restless heart a safe space within my own.

Let me be the person to fill your life with wonder and the kind of hope that spills out to you. The person who will care, love, scold,fight but stay together .Let me be the person who wants to hear your laugh ,make breakfast with you and listen to all your dumb jokes for all my years.

Let me be the person who is going to be your person for the rest of your life .The person who will accept you and your wilderness. The person who will always need you no matter how much of fights and arguments come between. Let be the person whose feelings for you will always remain constant. The person to make realize that you’re aren’t meant to walk this path alone.

#youbehopeful #vandanachettri