You know I always used to ask you a question- Is our relationship worth saving ?? These days are giving me so much of answers like Yes,No ,Yes,No! Not officially ended, so and so. Or May be our relationship was not that strong that we both didn’t will to understand our mistakes and forgive each other and sometimes I think May be we aren’t meant to be together. May be fate had other plans. sometimes I feel like we are far away but not Separated but again I think May be I am wrong so I am searching for new things but why you live in every words of mine .Was I wrong ?I used to wander the days we both started talking .Is it vain? Is it vain to wander?

Is it vain to save our relationships?

I’m not a writer nor a poet but you can relate it right ?how can someone be so unfaithful .Is it because you don’t belong to me?I am wrong ? I am wrong that I feel so empty without you like the sky without the stars .Really ??nothing matters anymore? I’m very much tired ,Tired of everything Like, sometimes I get the feeling like the world had drained me for everything I had .Is it vain?? Love, compromises sacrifices, togetherness ?Whom you’ll blame or To whom should I blame? The love I long for is exactly that I found in you.

Don’t get emotional now.
At one point my heart ache for you But no Vandu stop being stupid.
Behind the shadows it’s something that may never be spoken of, lost in depths of every outburst, every breakdown and every sleepless night.
Come on! tomorrow will be the best.🤗✌️

For so long I felt lost wandering -I am easily forgotten?? But let me remind you that you will be forgotten for sure but your love with so loving memories will never be forgotten as it was all what I needed.I recall our memories in my head like replaying the videos over and over again until my tears turns to joy. Nothing isn’t lost-Trust , Loyalty,Love, respect. Saying it’s all over again can’t change my feelings .You might think that I’m selfish but no I’m not selfish ,I’m just being selfless in love.I used to feel like our tie is beyond the legacy of give and take .Was I wrong ?I really don’t need another layer of story in my life .I don’t want to forget the version of my story with you. And it’s okay if you aren’t with me Coz I have nothing to do with. I can’t force you to stay ,I have no idea how will my days go on .I’m letting you go, I miss you and I can’t help myself. I hope you find your girl like you always wanted she would be. I hope you truly take the time to figure out what makes you. I hope you find the kind of love that believes in you ,supports you and who always stays by your side .Letting you go is very difficult but sometimes circumstances gets in the way and no matter how much love is there ,we have to lay down .I pray you find the love that makes you fall in love with you- yourself.

Okay Done!
One last thing.
I forgive you😊

With love -Vandu

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