It was around 8 a.m. in the morning. Though I just woke up but I was feeling very tired early in the morning ,I was feeling like my heart wasn’t be beating out of my chest for all of the wrong reasons .I was feeling broken, I had no courage to hold the pieces of my pain together and You know what! That was the most and most hardest part of my life where I was trying to convince myself saying that everything happens for a reason but though I was feeling like someone has set my heart on fire in a certain way .

It’s okay to feel bad

Okay so this is the chapter I write .
love that didn’t healed me but it hurts me every moment. I try to escape and come back to reality but every time I couldn’t .I too don’t even know what I am writing right now.I am finding a way to escape but the thing is I don’t find escape anywhere not in my diary, not in any YouTube videos ,not even in WeTV .why is it so? Is it really that hard to escape from someone? I didn’t knew that where I used to search for the connection and happy moments now I am searching to escape, escape from my fantasy world.

You really made me question like were you worthy of being loved? So strange seems like I am not in the world where I was living yesterday, where I used to cook my breakfast with your favorite song of appurva’s.
Did you build me or did you break me? what did you did ?Maybe I forgot myself when I was so busy loving you, I forgot to love myself but I am fine now, I am finding love within myself .

Nights have become so beautiful !
Yah beautiful! You know why because I found you everytime with me and my memories and nights stay burned beneath my eyelids and our memories just dance underneath my skin ,So isn’t it beautiful??

Honestly yea the world is still the same but you have changed but I wish you all the best. I wish you all the happiness that you deserve .I know that I was sometimes a bad person and sometimes I was the one to make mistakes and important one sometimes we have to let go. And Now I am finding comfort in being alone .I know it’s hard it really breaks me down but I’m going to survive it and I will always. Accepting the reality accepting that endings don’t have to be messy .I’m grateful for all that have felt.
Hope to See you someday , somewhere under the same skyπŸ€—

#whoyouare #behopeful