I think about the days where we have been in lockdown like for Five weeks , Two days, 17 hours, not that I used to keep on counting. 😂

Firstly, I was very much happy to hear that there’s gonna be lock down in our nation .I was so happy that we don’t have to go to the colleges coz we will be having holidays. I was happy to be in home for one week .I was having amazing time. I learnt cooking , Yes like I used to but I experience something new like baking ,cooking and laying out delicious meals for my family. But after a month again back to the same mode i.e very much bored staying home .I wanted to see my friends ,I wanted late night parties , Traveling but though I couldn’t .To make my days interesting I planted so much of green plants in lockdown and I am happy to see them growing. Planting is the most easiest way where we can easily spend our time .Gardening really helps to keep us busy ,You also try it 🤭

By the time One months passed away, I had a permanent headache ,I was stressed with constant migraines , short tempered ,many more other feelings.

Goods things that happened-

○We all were so busy during school /college life where lockdown was the best time I have ever spent with my family .

○I was super productive .It was easy and almost like a break from the rest of the work .I was working out online, I was doing yoga and that was quite fun.

○I got holiday I didn’t care what was happening in the world slowly I came to know much more and I was literally feeling bad about how peoples are fighting against coronavirus just in every part of the world .

○People loosing jobs, seeing salary cuts ,facing monetary problems ,health issues and much more but all we could do was have patience and Faith to get the things normal like before.

○We have enough to live a good life so we all should count our blessings this pandemic has taught me this.we should be grateful for what we have.

Isn’t it? think about yourself.

One day I was just scrolling down to my Facebook where I saw post which made me realise that we should count our blessings .

○The first one- The post I saw was million of migrant workers suffered ,they had no food, no money, no roof over their heads. I can’t even understand how it feels when someone is in that state.

Migrant workers

○At the same time the second one-People are comfortable at their home with everything stocked up, participating in dalgona coffee challenge ,various dishes and what not?

Dalgona coffee challenge

○And the third one which is my favourite one , The happiest photo I saw ever with the caption the” world is healing and we are the virus” You know what was that in the picture ? The photo of India gate which was healing which was very clean than before.

World is healing and we are the virus.

There’s a quotes saying “Time teaches everyone a lesson ” well coronavirus is the best example. we should be grateful for what we have .We shouldn’t be the virus .
Showing gratitude to Food suppliers, health care workers, delivery people, and first responders have taken on risks to themselves for the benefit of everyone else.We can show more gratitude for all of the people and things that make our life easier and happier. Showing gratitude not only feels good, it encourages more kindness and generosity in both gratitude recipients and anyone who witnesses the expression of gratitude, creating a virtuous cycle. we celebrated every single moment gifted, we learned how precious our lives are and how truly blessed we are to be alive.The beauty of nature that we all got to enjoy during this lockdown.so we should take care of the world which has given us everything to live on and always be grateful and count your blessings.💙

Take care ,stay safe. Untill vaccinated 🙏. Doh gajh ki doori mask hai jaroori.✌️

#youbehopeful #Vandana chettri